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Our Company

Who We Are

Established in 1997, Davis Williams Wealth Management is an independently owned and operated financial services firm that was founded on the cornerstone of providing clients with the best available financial guidance, products and customer service. Our business is based on maintaining professional independence for the firm while working towards financial independence for our clients. We offer a comprehensive array of products and services available from many different sources including help with investments, insurance and planning.

The firm’s principals, Scott Davis and John Williams, share a strong vision of wealth management. Their vision goes beyond meeting typical financial goals as they help you align your wealth with your values. We represent our clients by developing individualized strategic plans, then review and update those plans as needed.

What We Do

As financial professionals, we recognize that our clients lead complex and active lives and that their financial needs will change over time. We have associates specializing in everything from investment advice and retirement planning to a wide range of insurance products for individuals and businesses. We function as consultants, brokers and service representatives to help solve multiple financial needs.

As an independent firm we represent the needs of our clients. Since we broker investment and insurance products from hundreds of financial companies, we can deliver both objective information and competitive products. This provides our clients with control and choice.

So much depends on a good plan. It’s true of baking a cake, planting a garden, and coaching a Little League team. It’s true of building an addition to your home. It’s true of building a rocket to travel to the moon. A successful retirement life is no different. The key is a good plan. Did you know, however, that planning for retirement does not have to be rocket science? It can be pretty straightforward. However extraordinary a rocket launch seems, it’s based on immutable laws of gravity, propulsion, mass, and so on. Such laws never change, and so a rocket launch is predictable. Although your retirement is not predictable, it can be engineered through a planning process - a good plan.

We want you to approach retirement feeling confident that your hopes and your wishes, the lifestyle you now enjoy and the dreams you hope to achieve, could soon be a reality.